Monday, 15 October 2012

Compare and Contrast Essay Papers

Compare and contrast essay papers are among the most common assignments given to college students. Such an essay focuses on an item, idea or person―usually two of them―possessing similar (comparison) or different characteristics (contrast.) Writing essay papers that require you to compare and contrast are essential because they engage you in critical thinking. It goes beyond providing an overview of an item. Your instructor expects you to engage critical thinking while connecting ideas and reflecting upon their unique characteristics.
In most compare and contrast essay papers, you will notice the use of words such as compare, contrast, differences and similarities. This should make it easy for you to understand what the instructor expects of you. The following are examples of compare and
contrast essay papers
  1. Compare and contrast between prom night and Halloween.
  2. Compare the influence of parents to influence of celebrities
  3. Compare World War I to World War II and identify the causes, similarities and outcomes.                                                    Get assistance on tackling comparative essays here.
Depending on the instructions, the question may only ask for a comparison, contrast or both. When writing essay papers such as these, compare/contrast may only comprise of a tiny section of the essay.
Break down your essay
When writing essay papers such as compare and contrast essay papers, you will be dealing with huge amounts of information. It is always advisable to divide the essay into smaller manageable parts. This should facilitate an in-depth analysis of characteristics and the kind of details that should be included. Look at each characteristic keenly as you decide how you will put it together.
Begin writing by brainstorming on the similar and different characteristics.  You may use a Venn diagram when listing and separating the characteristics you identify. At times, you may be instructed to compare more than two items. In such cases, using a table as a list strategy works best.
Organize your work in a proper layout so as not to confuse the reader, rather it easier for the reader to identify characteristics. Arrange the parts you want to discuss in the order intend to present them.  Decide whether you want to compare first them contrast. Discuss the characteristics that are more significant first.
Writing essay papers is an intricate task requiring extensive research. It can easily weigh you down especially if you have other assignments with strict deadlines. If struggling with your compare and contrast essay papers, consult professional essay writers.

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