Monday, 15 October 2012

Writing Essay Papers

Getting good grades in an essay is every students dream. But writing essay papers is a task that requires a lot of research. The process of collecting and analyzing research data can be overwhelming sometimes for most students. Yet writing essays is mandatory. Teachers use essays to assess students’ mastery of concepts in a single unit or topic. As a student therefore, understand that essays provide a platform for you to showcase your creativity.
Types of essays
There exist different types of essays and they include persuasive essay papers, argumentative essays, compare and contrast essays, description essays, definition essays, admission essays, reaction essays and narrative essays just to
mention but a few. Its easy to get confused when writing essay papers because they all look the same. Each type of essay follows the same format however the topic of each is unique. To distinguish between one essay and the other is a matter of determining what the essay question asks. Persuasive essay papers and narrative essays are some of the most common essays assigned to students in college.
1.      Persuasive essay papers
The main objective of writing persuasive essay papers is to convince the reader to adopt the writer’s point of view. The writer must use logical arguments supported by irrefutable facts, relevant examples and sound reasoning in order to erase any doubts the reader might have about the topic. When writing essay papers that are persuasive, the writer should also provide arguments from all sides and explain clearly the reasons for his or her position is accurate.      
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2.      Narrative essays 
Narrative essays basically tell stories. The writer narrates a real life story from either personal or someone else’s experience. Such an essay may sound easier than persuasive essay papers, though it challenges the student to reflect on their experiences. The reader should endeavor to create a clear mental picture in the readers mind. The story should be as engaging as possible in order to indulge the reader’s interest. A narrative essay is written in first person so as to give the reader the feeling of being in the story.
Perfecting your skills in writing essay papers takes a lot of time and practice. if struggling to write persuasive essay papers, consider seeking professional help. With the assistance of a professional, you can learn effective ways of writing essay papers with varied instructions. Learn tips on how to break down an essay into manageable chunks to ease readability. 

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