Monday, 15 October 2012

MLA Format for Essay Papers

Modern Language Association (MLA) is a particularly popular style used to format essays and research papers in liberal and humanities sources. If required to use MLA format for essay papers, then you must follow guidelines otherwise your essay will be rejected.
Using MLA format for essay papers demonstrates credibility of the sources of information. It also helps protect writers from plagiarism accusations. Note that plagiarism can occur either purposefully or accidentally. In spite of this, plagiarism is considered a serious offence. 
Here, are some basic guidelines for MLA format for essay papers
  1. Type your essay on a computer using an eligible font such as Times New Roman, font 12 pt.
  2. Double-spaced paragraphs throughout the essay and also in the reference list. Leave a single space after punctuation marks such as periods (unless otherwise specified by the instructor).
  3. Create a header at the top right corner of the paper, with the page number and your surname in it. The header should number all pages consecutively at the same position (unless you are asked not to number the first page, always do so).
  4. in the first page, mention your name, topic, subject and date. Center-align the topic and left-align all other details.
  5. Use italics for titles of works cited throughout the essay, only when necessary or when emphasizing a point.                                                 Order an MLA custom written essay here.
Whenever quoting or mentioning someone else’s idea, ensure you acknowledge it directly after the statement and also in the reference list. MLA formatting for essay papers allows you to mention briefly the source in parenthetical form in the body. However, you will provide a much more detailed version of the source at the end of the paper in the reference list.
Always keep in mind the following
-          Provide plenty of information in your in-text references to make it easier for the reader to identify the source of your work.
-          Do not mention the name of the author in the parentheses citation if it already appears in the contents of the essay.
-          Your reference list should always come at the end of the paper, immediately after the conclusion and on a new page.
-          List your references in an alphabetical order, unless specified by your instructor.
Learning how to use MLA format for essays papers may take some time. So start practicing now or better yet, ask for help from professional custom writing services.

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