Monday, 15 October 2012

Persuasive Essay vs Argumentative Essay

There exist different types of essays from definition, narrative, and response to research essays. However, two most confused essays are persuasive essay papers and argumentative essay papers. Both persuasive and argumentative are often used in place of each other. The two essays are written with specific purpose: to present a distinct point of view. However, the two essays differ in ways explained below.
Writing persuasive essay papers
The goal of persuasive essay papers is to convince the reader to adopt your point of view by using all means possible. It acknowledges that, there are opposing views but does not expound on them and instead concentrates on defending one point of view. The objective here is to ‘win over the reader’ by giving believable reasons that appeal to emotions.
Writing argumentative essay papers
Argumentative essay papers are more balanced. The writer does not just defend one point of view, but also acknowledges opposing views by presenting both sides of the issue. In such an essay, the writer presents both the strengths and weaknesses of both sides. The writer uses valid reasons and logical arguments to convince the reader that an opinion is more accurate than other opinion.                   Get professional custom essay writing services from this author here.
How to write persuasive and argumentative essay papers
By giving students argumentative essay papers and persuasive essay papers, instructors are much interested in assessing student’s ability to engage critical thinking as well as their creativity. It is therefore advisable to present well-researched information from credible sources.
In order to build good persuasive essay papers and argumentative essay papers, these elements should feature:
  1. Facts to support the argument
  2. Clear explanations and definitions of relevant values for the sake of the readers
  3. Arranging ideas in a logical sequence beginning the strong and followed by the weak arguments
  4. stating a convincing conclusion based on irrefutable facts and reasonable arguments
  5. Communicate ideas boldly: With confidence, you can pull the attention of your readers easily.
  6. Keep your language crisp and concise.
When planning to write either an argumentative essay paper or a persuasive essay, employ the following strategies
-          Point out your thesis
-          study the subject
-          categorize your reasons and arguments
-          boldly communicate your ideas
Ensure that you provide a list of reference materials used to develop the essay. Citations should be accurate and paper formatted correctly. Remember to edit and proofread your persuasive essay paper before submission. 

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